Cortesia de Ilan Chamovitz - API - Atendimento Personalizado em Informática

Error Messages A-Z


1815 "cursor" must be created with SELECT ... INTO TABLE.
1832 "field | variable" is not unique and must be qualified.
1130 'field' phrase is not found.
1165 "field" is not related to the current work area.
1196 "file" is not a Visual FoxPro .EXE file.
1309 "file" is not an object file.
1298 "name" band is too large to fit on page.
1929 "name" can only be used within a method.
1932 "name" cannot be closed while suspended.
1794 "name" cannot be enumerated.
1462 "name" internal consistency error.
1737 "name" is a method, event, or object.
1740 "name" is a read-only property.
226 "name" is not a file variable.
1992 "name" is not a function, procedure or program.
225 "name" is not a variable.
1294 "name" is not a valid resource file.
1745 "name" is not a Visual FoxPro event.
232 "name" is not an array.
1924 "name" is not an object.
1983 "name" objects cannot return a value.
1429 "OLE error".
78 ** or ^ domain error.
*** *bad date*
*** *Interrupted*
1550 .DBC internal consistency error.
115 .DIF file header is invalid.
117 .DIF type indicator is invalid.
116 .DIF vector is invalid - .DBF field mismatch.
120 .SYLK file dimension bounds are invalid.
121 .SYLK file format is invalid.
119 .SYLK file header is invalid.


1727 A .DBF-style Help file is required.
1771 A member object with this name already exists.
2024 A sharing violation occurred.
1538 A stored procedure is executing.
1961 A subdirectory or file "name" already exists.
1889 A table in multiple relationships can only have one child order.
13 Alias is not found.
24 Alias name is already in use.
103 Allowed DO nesting level exceeded.
1870 ALTER TABLE operation interrupted.
2032 Ambiguous date/datetime constant.
1211 An IF | ELSE | ENDIF statement is missing.
1781 An object’s control source cannot be set to its Value property.
2028 API call caused an exception.
1098 API function _UserError( ) was called.
1726 API library is not found.
1711 API library revision mismatch.  Rebuild library.
1178 Application file "file" is not closed.
1936 Application object not initialized.
1972 Array "name" is in use.
230 Array dimensions are invalid.
1764 Array is not a member of the parent object.
1974 Arrays cannot be assigned to array elements.


1542 Base table fields have been changed and no longer match view fields. View field properties cannot be set.
1590 BEGIN TRANSACTION command failed.  Nesting level is too deep.
38 Beginning of file encountered.
227 Box dimensions are invalid.
1164 Browse structure has changed.
1163 Browse table is closed.


1651 CANCEL or SUSPEND is not allowed.
62 Cannot access characters beyond string.
1106 Cannot access file; transaction is in progress.
1152 Cannot access the selected table.
1421 Cannot activate the OLE server.
1741 Cannot add "name".  Class definition is cyclical.
1755 Cannot add an object to this class.
1769 Cannot add this object to a Column.
1768 Cannot add this object to a Grid.
1537 Cannot add this table: it belongs to database "name".
*** Cannot allocate screen map.
1672 Cannot append from password protected file.
1795 Cannot arrange an untransported form.
1952 Cannot base a view on itself.
2002 Cannot build a DLL without OLE public classes.
1689 Cannot build without a main program.
2012 Cannot call SetFocus from within a When, Valid, RangeHigh or RangeLow event.
1573 Cannot change modality of a visible form.
1758 Cannot change property "name" in SetAll method.
1770 Cannot clear a class that is in use.
176 Cannot clear menu that is in use.
177 Cannot clear popup that is in use.
1951 Cannot clear the object in use.
1546 Cannot close table during execution of a table-bound expression.
1535 Cannot close this database because it is being used by a project.
1971 Cannot compile until the current COMPILE command has completed.
102 Cannot create file "file".
1102 Cannot create file.
2019 Cannot create offline view on a currently modified view.
*** Cannot create program workspace.
169 Cannot define menu item.
1572 Cannot delete a database object while it is open in a designer.
2030 Cannot delete file "name".
1307 Cannot divide by 0.
1871 Cannot DROP all existing columns.
1754 Cannot find entry point "name" in the DLL.
1562 Cannot find object "name" in the database.
*** Cannot find spell check program.
*** Cannot find the beautify program.
1944 Cannot find the builder program.
1798 Cannot find the converter program.
1693 Cannot find the menu-generation program.
1791 Cannot find the text generation program.
*** Cannot find the spell check program.
*** Cannot find the wizard program.
1563 Cannot find view "name" in the current database.
1846 Cannot GROUP by aggregate field.
1671 Cannot import from password-protected file.
1547 Cannot insert an empty row from a view into its base table(s).
1566 Cannot issue the PACK command on a database while its objects have open cursors.
1720 Cannot issue the SET FORMAT command while a READ command is in progress on a format file.
1753 Cannot load 32-bit DLL "name".
1527 Cannot locate ODBC library, ODBC32.DLL.
1412 Cannot locate the COMSPEC environment variable.
2006 Cannot locate your Web browser.
1731 Cannot modify a base class.
1948 Cannot modify a class that is in use.
1844 Cannot nest aggregate functions.
1926 Cannot nest class definitions.
1254 Cannot nest key labels.
1337 Cannot nest the PRINTJOB command.
*** Cannot open configuration file.
101 Cannot open file.
2013 Cannot open persistent table buffer directly.
1930 Cannot redefine "name".
174 Cannot redefine a menu that is in use.
175 Cannot redefine popup that is in use.
170 Cannot release menu item.
1253 Cannot rename the current directory.
1153 Cannot rename the file to different device.
1970 Cannot reopen project file "name".
1976 Cannot resolve backlink.
2017 Cannot reuse offline view in different mode.
*** Cannot run on MS-DOS before version 3.0.
1191 Cannot save form: an object has an invalid name.
1706 Cannot sort .IDX files in descending order.
1909 Cannot update project from project metafile.
111 Cannot update the cursor.
1157 Cannot update the file.
292 Cannot use 0 or negative as the argument for LOG10( ).
1979 Cannot visually modify a class based on a nonvisual class.
1978 Cannot visually modify a class of this type.
1502 Cannot write to the record because it is in use.
1761 Class "name" already exists.
1434 Class "name" has not been registered.
1776 Class "name" is in use.
1752 Class "name" is in use by MODIFY CLASS.
1576 Class "name" is not found in the class library.
1762 Class "name" is not found.
1313 Class creation canceled.
1733 Class definition "name" is not found.
1950 Class definition "name" is recursive.
1747 Class file "name" is invalid.
1746 Class file name for "name" is not valid.
1751 Class file version is greater than the current version.
1993 Class library file "name" is not found.
2029 Class "name" is not a Form class.
1949 Class name is invalid.
1914 Code page number is invalid.
1915 Collating sequence "name" is not found.
1728 Color scheme is reserved.
1642 Color set resource is not found.
1695 COLUMN | FORM | ALIAS | NOOVERWRITE | WIDTH are only allowed with the FROM clause.
1698 COLUMN | ROW | ALIAS | NOOVERWRITE | SIZE | SCREEN are only allowed with the FROM clause.
223 Column number must be between 0 and 255.
1657 Column number must be between 0 and the right margin.
1579 Command cannot be issued on a table with cursors in table buffering mode.
1593 Command cannot be issued within a transaction.
1220 Command contains invalid character.
36 Command contains unrecognized phrase/keyword.
1297 Command is allowed only in interactive mode.
1221 Command is missing required clause.
1981 Compile error in file "name".
1252 Compiled code for this line is too long.
1541 Connection "name" is busy.
1466 Connection handle is invalid.
1497 Connection name is invalid.
1526 Connectivity error: "name".
1522 Connectivity internal consistency error.
1725 Constant is already created with #DEFINE.
1509 Conversion canceled.  Adjust the memo BLOCKSIZE.
1799 Conversion is canceled.
1168 Could not add icon to executable file.
1181 Could not add version resource to executable file.
2033 CTOD and CTOT can produce incorrect results.
1988 Currency value is out of range.
1166 Cursor is corrupt or in wrong format.
44 Cyclic relation.


1966 Data environment is already loaded.
1967 Data environment is already unloaded.
1549 Data session #number cannot be released with open transaction(s).
1599 Data session #number was forced to ROLLBACK all transactions to avoid deadlock.
1732 Data type is invalid for this property.
9 Data type mismatch.
1534 Database "alias" is not open.
1569 Database "name": File access denied.
1561 Database is invalid. Please validate.
1570 Database is read-only.
1709 Database object is being used by someone else.
1773 Database object type is invalid.
1544 DataType property for field "name" is invalid.
2035 Date/datetime contains illegal characters.
2034 Date/datetime evaluated to an invalid value.
2027 Declare DLL call caused an exception.
1232 DIMENSION contains variable declaration without required subscript arguments.
1963 Directory is not found.
216 Display mode is not available.
1907 Drive specifier is invalid.
1156 Duplicate field names.


4 End of file encountered.
1591 END TRANSACTION command cannot be issued without a corresponding BEGIN TRANSACTION command.
1214 ENDTEXT does not have corresponding TEXT statement.
1473 Environment-level property is invalid.
1957 Error accessing printer spooler.
1779 Error adding "name" to the object. Duplicate member/property name.
1112 Error closing the file.
1941 Error code is not valid.
1424 Error copying the OLE object to Clipboard.
1973 Error creating table:  "name".
1423 Error creating the OLE object.
1735 Error in the class definition.
1258 Error in the PICTURE clause.
1574 Error initializing application object.
1508 Error initializing OLE.
1554 Error instantiating cursor.  Table "alias" cannot be opened.  Object will be ignored.
1736 Error instantiating the object.
1958 Error loading printer driver.
1995 Error loading the data environment.  Table is in use.
1881 Error loading file - record number n. "object" <or one of its members>. "Issue": "error".
1797 Error occurred in conversion.
1584 Error reading a property from the database.  The property is ignored.
1104 Error reading file.
1296 Error reading the resource.
1422 Error saving the OLE object.
2005 Error with "name" - "property": "error".
1105 Error writing to file.
1977 Exclusive open required to update this file.  Please reopen.
1523 Execution was canceled by the user.
46 Expression evaluated to an illegal value.
67 Expression evaluator failed.
1148 Expression has been re-entered while the filter is executing.
1759 Expression is invalid.  Use a valid expression  for "name" property.
1940 Expression is not valid outside of WITH/ENDWITH.
1947 Expression is too complex.
293 Expression used with ACOS( ) is out of range.
291 Expression used with ASIN( ) is out of range.


*** Fatal error nExpr reporting error nExpr.
1001 Feature is not available.
1580 Feature is not supported for non-.DBC tables.
1953 Feature is only available if the object is in design mode.
1530 Fetching canceled; remote table is closed.
1581 Field "name" does not accept null values.
1582 Field "name" validation rule is violated.
1647 Field expression contains an invalid data type.
1913 Field must be a General field.
350 Field must be a Memo field.
1712 Field name is a duplicate or invalid.
1713 Field width or number of decimal places is invalid.
2014 Fields marked as update keys will be cleared.
1529 File "name" already exists as part of a database.
1553 File "name" is a database.
1551 File "name" is an invalid database.
1552 File "name" is not a database.
1933 File "name" is not closed.
1558 File "name" is not part of a database.
1565 File "name" is part of a database.
1718 File "name"  is read-only.
1190 File "name"  is too large.
1705 File access is denied.
7 File already exists.
1184 File cannot be closed because outstanding references exist.
1503 File cannot be locked.
1 File does not exist.
108 File is in use by another user.
3 File is in use.
1113 File is not open.
1708 File is open in another work area.
1338 File is the wrong version.
1637 File must be opened exclusively to convert the Memo file.
110 File must be opened exclusively.
1918 File name is too long.
1750 File was created in a later version of Visual FoxPro than the current version.
91 File was not placed in memory using the LOAD command.
1140 FILTER expression exceeds allowed size.
1749 Form (.SCX) file must contain at least one Form.
1991 Form file "name" is from a previous version of FoxPro. It must be converted to the current format before it can be executed.
1686 Form file "name" is invalid.
11 Function argument value, type, or count is invalid.
1999 Function is not implemented.
1536 Function is not supported on native tables.
1525 Function is not supported on remote tables.
1300 Function name is missing ).
1304 Function name is missing (.
1504 Function not supported for SQL pass-through cursors.
1586 Function requires row or table buffering mode.

G - H

1986 GDI memory is low, close one or more windows and try again.
1489 General fields cannot be used in the WHERE condition of an update statement. Change the WhereType property of the view.


1167 Icon is corrupt or in wrong format.
1587 Illegal nested OLDVAL( ) or CURVAL( ).
1910 Illegal printer driver recursion.
1887 Illegal recursion in rule evaluation.
1960 Illegal redefinition of variable "name".
1594 Illegal to attempt a file lock in a transaction after taking prior record locks.
1679 Import only Worksheet A for Lotus 1-2-3 version 3.0 files.
1241 Improper data type in the group expression.
1994 Include file "name" is not found.
1471 Incorrect column format.
1470 Incorrect property name.
1886 Index does not accept NULL.
114 Index does not match the table.  Delete the index file and re-create the index.
23 Index expression exceeds maximum length.
19 Index file does not match table.
1683 Index tag is not found.
1684 Index tag or file name must be specified.
1002 Input/output operation failure.
1588 INSERT cannot be issued when row or table buffering is enabled or when integrity constraints are in effect.
1308 Insufficient stack space.
1000 Internal consistency error.
1243 Internal error: Too many characters in the report.
231 Invalid argument used with the SET function.
1477 Invalid call issued while executing a SQLCOLUMNS( ) sequence.
1474 Invalid call issued while executing a SQLEXEC( ) sequence.
1475 Invalid call issued while executing a SQLMORERESULTS( ) sequence.
1476 Invalid call issued while executing a SQLTABLES( ) sequence.
1783 Invalid class specified for @...Class command.
*** Invalid compact EXE file.  Rebuild EXE.
1959 Invalid coordinates.
1578 Invalid database table name.
1245 Invalid expression in label definition file.
1111 Invalid file descriptor.
1510 Invalid file format.  If this is a dBASE file, it must be converted first.  To convert it, type MODIFY LABEL labelfilename.
112 Invalid key length.
2026 Invalid locale ID.
2011 Invalid operation for offline view.
2008 Invalid operation for offline view while being used online.
2007 Invalid operation for offline view while offline.
1115 Invalid operation for the cursor.
*** Invalid or duplicate field name.
*** Invalid or missing EXE file.
202 Invalid path or file name.
1103 Invalid seek offset.
31 Invalid subscript reference.
1479 Invalid update column name "name".
1652 Invalid use of a Visual FoxPro function as an array.
1223 Invalid variable reference.

J - K

1124 Key exceeds allowed size.
1117 Key field length does not match.
1255 Key label "label" is invalid.
1257 Key string is too long.
356 Keyboard macro file format is invalid.


54 Label file is invalid.
1653 Label nesting error.
221 Left margin including indent must be less than the right margin.
21 Length of variable strings exceeds amount of memory.
1691 Library file "name" is invalid.
18 Line is too long.
222 Line number must be less than page length.
1194 Link command failed.
1911 Localized product is required for this environment.
58 LOG( ): Zero or negative used as argument.
*** Logical expression required.
1662 Lotus 1-2-3 version 1.0 file format is invalid.
297 Lotus 1-2-3 version 2.0 file format is invalid.
1678 Lotus 1-2-3 version 3.0 file format is invalid.


355 Macro is not defined.
1609 Maximum menu item length (50) is exceeded.
1607 Maximum menu items allowed (128) is exceeded.
1608 Maximum menus allowed (25) is exceeded.
1431 Maximum number of OLE arguments is exceeded.
392 Maximum record length exceeded in the import file.
1943 Member "name" does not evaluate to an object.
1760 Member "name" is a class member.
1975 Member object "name" has not been instantiated.
1756 Member object removed – cannot complete the Save operation.
41 Memo file "name" is missing or is invalid.
55 Memory file is invalid.
2000 Memory is low, so streaming output updating has been disabled.
1687 Menu file is invalid.
178 Menu has not been activated with ACTIVATE MENU.
179 Menu has not been activated with ACTIVATE POPUP.
168 Menu has not been defined with DEFINE MENU.
165 Menu has not been defined with DEFINE POPUP.
167 Menu item position must be a positive number.
1611 Menu items and titles must be type Character.
287 Menu size is too small.
181 Menu specified in ACTIVATE MENU is already in use.
182 Menu specified in ACTIVATE POPUP is already in use.
164 Menu title has not been defined with DEFINE PAD.
279 Menu was not pushed.
1765 Method contains syntax errors.  Method is not saved.
1661 Microsoft Excel file format is invalid.
1723 Mismatched #IF/#ELSIF/#ELSE/#ENDIF.
1256 Mismatched braces in key label.
1724 Missing #ENDIF.
1193 Missing .RTT section.
1306 Missing comma (,).
152 Missing expression.
1231 Missing operand.
1670 Multiplan version 4.0 file format is invalid.
1875 Multiple warnings occurred performing the requested index modifications.
1710 MULTISELECT or MOVER clause is not supported for PROMPT style menus.
1145 Must be a character or numeric key field.
1226 Must be a file variable.
1225 Must be a variable or array.
94 Must specify additional parameters.


96 Nesting error.
1488 No connection associated with this cursor
1520 No database is open or set as the current database.
1878 No default value to DROP.
47 No fields found to process.
138 No fields were found to copy.
1492 No key columns specified for the update table "name".  Use the KeyFieldList property of the cursor.
1605 No menu is defined.
1604 No menu item is defined.
166 No menu items have been defined for this menu.
1621 No menu titles have been defined for this menu.
1964 No PageFrame or Page is found in FormSet or Form with WindowType set to READ or READ MODAL.
1238 No PARAMETER statement is found.
1649 No previous PRINTJOB command to correspond to this command.
1879 No primary key.
1796 No records are found for the current platform.
1463 No result set has been returned by the server.
1877 No rule to DROP.
1774 No sheet is found.
1612 No such menu or menu item is defined.
52 No table is open in the current work area.
1491 No update tables are specified.  Use the Tables property of the Cursor object.
45 Not a character expression.
27 Not a numeric expression.
1439 Not a ProjectHook class.
15 Not a table.
1682 Not a user-defined window.
256 Not a valid Framework II database/spreadsheet.
255 Not a valid RapidFile database.
1149 Not enough memory for buffer.
1150 Not enough memory for file map.
1151 Not enough memory for filename.
1600 Not enough memory to open a table with the USE command.
1696 NOWAIT/SAVE/NOENVIRONMENT/IN/WINDOW clauses are not allowed with the FROM clause.
39 Numeric overflow.  Data was lost.


1766 Object "name" is not found.
1923 Object "name" is not found.
1985 Object already has a data environment; cannot use another one with the SaveAs method.
1744 Object class is invalid for this container.
1719 Object file "name" is in use and cannot be removed from memory.
1195 Object file "file" was compiled in a previous version of FoxPro.
2009 Object is not an offline view.
1938 Object is not contained in a "name".
1575 Object name is invalid.
1942 Objects cannot be assigned to arrays.
1987 Objects cannot be programmatically added to the Form Designer’s FormSet.
1989 Objects cannot be programmatically deleted from the Form Designer.
1528 ODBC entry point missing, "name".
2015 Offline view must be used online for this command
2010 Offline views must be used exclusively when being used online.
2003 OLE Changed Properties stream is the wrong version. Subclassed properties ignored.
1426 OLE error code 0x"name".
1440 OLE exception error "name". OLE object may be corrupt.
1427 OLE IDispatch exception code "name".
1428 OLE IDispatch exception code "number" from "name": "name".
1420 OLE object is invalid or corrupted.
1965 One of the members of this class is based on a nonvisual class.  Cannot write .VCX file.
1968 One of the members of this Form or FormSet is based on a nonvisual class. Cannot write .SCX file.
1436 Only insertable objects are allowed in General fields.
1885 Only structural tags can be defined as candidate.
1912 Operation is invalid for a General field.
34 Operation is invalid for a Memo, General, or Picture field.
107 Operator/operand type mismatch.


1413 Page frame cannot be sized that small.
1688 Paradox file format is invalid.
1767 Parent object will not allow this property setting for "name".
1217 Picture error in GET statement.
1108 Picture too big, corrupt, or in wrong format.
*** Popup too big, first nExpr entries shown.
1722 Preprocessor expression is invalid.
1681 PREVIEW clause is not allowed with OFF/NOCONSOLE or TO PRINT/FILE.
1883 Primary key already exists.
1567 Primary key property is invalid; please validate database.
1956 Printer access denied.
1643 Printer driver is corrupted.
1644 Printer driver is not found.
125 Printer is not ready.
124 Printer redirection is invalid.
1162 Procedure "procedure" is not found.
1937 Procedure file "name" is not found.
*** Product has not been properly installed.
1202 Program is too large.
1946 Project file "name" is in the wrong version.
1685 Project file is invalid.
1169 Project file is read-only.
1763 Property "name" already exists.
1738 Property "name" is not a method or event.
1734 Property "name" is not found.
1757 Property "name" is protected.
1743 Property "name" is read-only.
1138 Property does not have a default value.
1467 Property is invalid for local cursors.
1468 Property is invalid for table cursors.
1559 Property is not found.
1739 Property setting will not take effect until data environment reloaded.
1560 Property value is invalid.
1469 Property value is out of bounds.


1716 Queue "queue" is not found.


2018 Reconnect of offline view failed.
109 Record is in use by another user.
20 Record is not in index.
130 Record is not locked.
5 Record is out of range.
1126 Record is too long.
1583 Record validation rule is violated.
1206 Recursive macro definition.
1880 Related table is not found in current database.
1882 Related tag is not found or not primary or candidate.
1183 Relation already exists.
1555 Relational expression is not valid.
2016 Removing a class member is not allowed.
1645 Report contains a nesting error.
50 Report file "name" is invalid.
1592 ROLLBACK command cannot be issued without a corresponding BEGIN TRANSACTION command.
30 Row or column position is off the screen.
1598 Rule and trigger code must balance transaction usage.
1405 RUN|! command failed.
1411 RUN|! command string is too long.


1490 Saving a converted form as a class is not supported.
1507 Screen code is too large for available memory.
1851 SELECTs are not UNION compatible.
1715 Server "server" is not found.
1540 Session number is invalid.
*** Source code not found.
*** Source code out of date.
1890 SQL: cannot determine datatype of SQL Column
1802 SQL: Cannot locate table
1845 SQL expression is too complex.
1499 SQL parameter "name" is invalid.
1493 SQL parameter is missing.
1465 SQL pass-through internal consistency error.
1498 SQL SELECT statement is invalid.
1472 SQL statement parameter is required for non-prepared SqlExec() calls.
1811 SQL: Aggregate on non-numeric expression.
1802 SQL: Cannot locate table.
1806 SQL: Column "field | variable" is not found.
1819 SQL: DISTINCT is invalid.
1831 SQL: Error building temporary index.
1801 SQL: Error correlating fields.
1818 SQL: FROM clause is required.
1807 SQL: GROUP BY clause is invalid.
1803 SQL: HAVING clause is invalid.
1828 SQL: Illegal GROUP BY in subquery.
1830 SQL: Index is not found.
1800 SQL: Internal error.
1822 SQL: Invalid aggregate field.
1865 SQL: Invalid SET expression in UPDATE.
1866 SQL: Invalid TOP specification.
1810 SQL: Invalid use of subquery.
1839 SQL: Operation was canceled.
1808 SQL: ORDER BY clause is invalid.
1809 SQL: Out of memory.
1814 SQL: Queries of this type are not supported.
1820 SQL: SELECT contains invalid *.
1826 SQL: SELECT is invalid.
1804 SQL: Statement is invalid.
1812 SQL: Statement too long.
1825 SQL: Subquery is invalid.
1842 SQL: Subquery nesting is too deep.
1841 SQL: Too many columns referenced.
1864 SQL: Too many fields in UPDATE.
1805 SQL: Too many subqueries.
1834 SQL: Too many UNIONs.
1867 SQL: TOP requires an ORDER BY.
1813 SQL: Use of UNION in subquery is invalid.
1833 SQL: WHERE clause is invalid.
61 SQRT argument cannot be negative.
95 Statement is not allowed in interactive mode.
1931 Statement is not in a procedure.
1927 Statement is not valid in a class definition.
1928 Statement is only valid within a class definition.
1934 Statement only valid within a method.
1903 String is too long to fit.
1707 Structural .CDX file is not found.
1235 Structure is invalid.
1212 Structure nesting is too deep.
1860 Subquery returned more than one record.
1234 Subscript is outside defined range.
1236 Suspend program before using RESUME.
1673 Symphony version 1.0 file format is invalid.
1674 Symphony version 1.1 file format is invalid.
1242 Syntax error in the field expression.
10 Syntax error.


228 Tab stops must be in ascending order.
1548 Table "alias" has one or more non-structural indexes open.  Please close them and retry the Begin Transaction.
1564 Table "name" already exists in the database.
1577 Table "name" is referenced in a relation.
1545 Table buffer for alias "name" contains uncommitted changes.
1596 Table buffering is not enabled.
1556 Table cannot be browsed because cursor object is no longer valid.
26 Table has no index order set.
17 Table number is invalid.
1690 Table operation is invalid during indexing.
1589 Table or row buffering requires that SET MULTILOCKS is set to ON.
1888 Tag name is too long.
1147 Target table is already engaged in a relation.
1792 Text generation is canceled.
1954 The builder program is already running.
1478 The ChildOrder property of a relation object in the data environment is no longer valid.  The relation is being removed.
2020 The class file associated with this field cannot be found - class association cleared.
1969 The clipboard contained one or more objects that could not be added to the container.  Those objects were not pasted.
1935 The current object does not inherit from class "name".
1945 The current object has been released.
2021 The DataObject cannot be modified in the OLEDragOver or OLEDragDrop event.
1742 The data source for this object must be a variable reference.
1557 The database must be opened exclusively.
1997 The default value for field "name" does not evaluate to the correct type for the field.
1962 The directory is not empty.
1984 The fields in table "name" did not match the entries in the database.
1131 The file specified in the FROM clause is empty.
1699 The IN clause is not supported for this window.
1998 The index expression for index "name" contains an invalid reference to a Memo, General, or Picture field.
42 The LOCATE command must be issued before the CONTINUE command.
1571 The name "name" is already used for another object.  Please choose a different name.
2001 The name of the object file for "file" is already used by another program in the project.
1793 The network request is not supported.
1438 The ActiveX control module failed to register correctly.
*** The Remote View Wizard was unable to obtain column information for this remote table. This may be the result of an ODBC error, or the remote table may not be owned by the current user.
1524 The selected printer driver does not support direct access.
2022 The specified file or path was not found.
1531 The table changes cannot be performed as the index or filter expression for index name would be invalid.
2004 The table file "name" has moved.  Please validate database "name" and try again.
1659 The table has memo fields that cannot be converted while open read-only.
1778 The table must be converted before appending.
1982 The TO clause can only be used with modal Forms and FormSets.
1996 The validation rule for field "name" does not evaluate to a logical or NULL type.
1213 There is a missing keyword in the FOR ... ENDFOR or DO CASE ... ENDCASE command structure.
2023 There is no application associated with the given filename extension.
56 There is not enough disk space for "name".
43 There is not enough memory to complete this operation.
1780 This array element has been defined as an object and cannot be redefined in the class definition.
1777 This command is not supported for views.
1748 This file is incompatible with the current version of Visual FoxPro.
1784 This object is derived from a base class and does not have a parent class.
1782 This OLE property cannot be an expression.
1521 This operation not supported for class member objects.
1533 This property is read-only.
1916 To use this feature, set CODEPAGE=AUTO in your CONFIG.FPW file and restart Visual FoxPro.
1229 Too few arguments.
1230 Too many arguments.
1310 Too many characters are specified in the PICTURE clause.
1872 Too many columns.
1694 Too many extensions are specified.
6 Too many files open.
1201 Too many names used.
1250 Too many PROCEDURE commands are in effect.
1249 Too many READ commands are in effect.
1161 Too many records to browse or edit in the demo version.
22 Too many variables.
1116 Too many windows open.
1646 Total field type must be Date or Numeric.
1246 Total label width exceeds allowed size.
1539 Trigger failed.
1532 Type conversion is not supported.
1501 Type conversion is not supported for output parameters.
1543 Type conversion required by the DataType property for field ‘"name"’ is invalid.


1410 Unable to create temporary work files.
1717 Unable to generate a printer driver.
*** Unable to locate desired version of Visual FoxPro.
*** Unable to process error.
1437 Unable to register the ActiveX control.
1884 Uniqueness of index "name" is violated.
*** Unknown error code nExpr.
104 Unknown function key.
1925 Unknown member "name".
16 Unrecognized command verb.
1141 Unrecognized index file revision.  Re-create the index.
1692 Unresolvable REGIONAL name conflict.
1595 Update conflict.  Some of your changes in the current row batch were committed.  Use TABLEUPDATE( ) with the lForce parameter to commit the update or the manual transaction to roll back the update.
1585 Update conflict.  Use TABLEUPDATE( ) with the lForce parameter to commit the update or TABLEREVERT( ) to roll back the update.
1097 User-defined functions are not allowed.
2031 User-interface operation not allowed at this time.


12 Variable "variable" is not found.
1134 Variable must be in the selected table.
1494 View definition has been changed.
1568 View fields have been changed. The Update and Key field properties have been reset to the default values.
127 View file is invalid.
1597 Views require either DB_BUFOPTROW or DB_BUFOPTTABLE.
*** Visual FoxPro cannot start.

12 Variable "variable" is not found.
1134 Variable must be in the selected table.
1494 View definition has been changed.
1568 View fields have been changed. The Update and Key field properties have been reset to the default values.
127 View file is invalid.
1597 Views require either DB_BUFOPTROW or DB_BUFOPTTABLE.
1922 Volume does not exist.


1485 Warning:  Invalid data conversion(s) starting at record "name".
1486 Warning:  Invalid memo field conversions starting at record "name".
1496 Warning:  No information is available to check remote update conflicts.
1483 Warning:  The connection packet size cannot be set.
1480 Warning:  The connection sync/async mode cannot be set.
1481 Warning:  The connection timeout cannot be set.
1487 Warning:  The connection transaction mode cannot be set.
1495 Warning:  The key defined by the KeyField property for table "alias" is not unique.
1484 Warning:  The next "cExpr" modified records have already been updated remote.
1482 Warning:  The query timeout cannot be set.
1908 Width or decimal place argument is invalid.
1955 WIN.INI/registry is corrupted.
1714 Window "name" has not been defined.
1632 Window file format is invalid.
215 Window has not been activated with ACTIVATE WINDOW.
214 Window has not been defined with DEFINE WINDOW.
332 Window specified in DEFINE WINDOW has invalid coordinates.
1939 WITH/ENDWITH mismatch.
1775 Worksheet "name" is not found.
1680 Worksheet A for Lotus 1-2-3 version 3.0 file is hidden.

X - Z

1772 You may not change the RecordSource of a BROWSE object.
1127 You must use a logical expression with a FOR or WHILE clause.
37 You must use a logical expression with FILTER.